Florida’s Homestead Law

by Stephen Speiser, Esq.The Speiser Law Firm P.A. Florida’s homestead exemption is one of the most powerful asset protection laws available anywhere in the United States.  Moreover, it is not just statutory law:  It is written into the Constitution of the State of Florida.  That makes Florida’s homestead law a constitutional right.   Article 10, Section 4 of the Florida Constitution provides that an unsecured creditor …

When In Rome… How the Location of Assets Affects Asset Protection Planning

The location of particular assets affects the law governing those assets and your ability to protect those assets from unanticipated creditors

Is All Asset Protection Planning Bad Under the UVTA?

A state’s enactment of a DAPT law should be regarded as the state legislature’s expression per se “actual intent” under the UVTA not be imputed in any form of asset protection planning.  While this is an incredibly broad inference, it reflects the reality that DAPTs do not exist in a vacuum.