Becoming a Client of Our Firm

We look forward to welcoming you as a prospective client of our firm.  The decision to hire an asset protection lawyer is an important one.  In our experience, the sooner you are prepared to commence the planning process, the more planning options you are likely to have at your disposal.

The Preliminary Conference

We begin with a preliminary conference to gain an understanding of your goals and objectives, to determine your litigation risk profile, and to obtain an overview of all your holdings.  In addition to reviewing your personal holdings, business interests, and investments, we consult with your trusted advisors to ensure that we have a clear understanding of you and your planning objectives.  In our experience, due diligence is the foundation upon which your entire asset protection plan rests.

The Planning Process

We begin the planning process by performing legal research on the issues that your asset protection plan must confront, and also determine which jurisdictions best serve your planning objectives. We target available state planning exemptions, and we identify the most effective legal strategies that can be applied for your benefit. We provide you with a range of options that scale in both cost and complexity, enabling you to make informed decisions that match your comfort level.

Evaluating Your Planning Options

Many of the techniques used in asset protection planning can be quite complex. Accordingly, we familiarize you with important legal concepts so that you understand our recommendations as well as the merits of each available planning option. We present our planning recommendations to you with clear visual aids.  We solicit questions, encourage you to provide feedback, and collaborate with you on crafting the plan that you ultimately select.  We know that a truly effective asset protection plan is one that is designed and implemented in close consultation with the client.

Planning for Success

For more information about our our client intake process, and how we help you to plan for success, please read "Planning for Success," an article written by attorney Stephen Speiser...