About the Firm

The Art of Asset Protection℠

Asset protection planning requires a careful blend of technique and strategy.  There are many different legal strategies and planning tools, and determining the ideal combination should only be undertaken by legal practitioners experienced in asset protection.  We offer our clients advanced asset protection planning services using an array of domestic and international structures that are unique to our firm, and we tailor our planning to each client's distinct needs and circumstances.

Experience Matters

The Speiser Law Firm has over forty years of experience representing individuals and businesses, and our staff includes the former managing director of the largest international asset protection trust company and the author of asset protection legislation in several countries.  Together, our legal team brings a unique level of experience, knowledge, and skill to the representation we provide to every client of our firm.

Choosing a Jurisdiction

Members of our team have years of experience working in several of the best-known international asset protection jurisdictions, including Belize, Nevis, the Cook Islands, Switzerland, Hong Kong, the Bahamas, and the Cayman Islands.  We have also served as advisors to state lawmakers on asset protection and business entity legislation here in the USA.  This experience gives us a distinct understanding of the nuances and benefits of competing jurisdictions, which we offer to help guide you in deciding on an asset protection plan.

Strategic Partners Where It Matters Most

Years of experience working with international service providers and financial institutions enables us to facilitate strategic partnerships with international trust companies and overseas banks who can provide the highest level of quality services to clients of our firm.

Our Firm's Philosophy is Centered Around You

The professional team at the Speiser Law Firm is guided by a philosophy that focuses on the needs and expectations of our clients.  At the early stages of the planning process, we seek to develop a thorough understanding of you, your family, your business, and your concerns. We reject the "one size fits all" approach followed by most lawyers in this field. Rather, our planning recommendations are always tailored to your desired goals and unique circumstances.