We take a very distinct approach to working with our clients.  As practitioners in the Art of Asset Protection℠, we have a firm philosophy – a set of five guiding principles – that shapes our advice and recommendations.


"Everything starts with the client."

-Stephen E. Speiser, Esq.

Principle #1:  
Our Clients Come First

We take an entirely client-centered approach to asset protection planning. We know that if a client is not comfortable with every element of the plan, fatigue can set in, and the plan may ultimately fail from client neglect or abandonment. Therefore, our top priority is to design legal strategies and structures that fit comfortably into the lives of our clients.

Principle #2:
Build a Strong Client Relationship

We make it our business to know your business, and to understand every aspect of your personal situation:  Your assets, your holdings, your goals, your objectives, your family structure, your estate plan, and any potential litigation you may encounter.  Rest assured that our recommendations will always be specifically tailored to you.

"Get so close to your customers that you tell them what they need before they realize it themselves."

-Steve Jobs

Principle #3:
Every Asset Protection Plan is Unique

The planning techniques used for one client may be wholly inappropriate for someone else.  Strategies will vary depending on the type of assets involved as well as the potential legal claims that a client may face.  Clients also have different attitudes toward risk, the scope of planning desired, and the costs and benefits of different planning options.  We strive to identify and understand your goals and preferences, and tailor our planning recommendations to suit your level of comfort and security.

Principle #4:
Offshore Planning Must Provide a Strategic Benefit to the Client

While there is no question that international planning can provide superior asset protection in some circumstances, this is not always the case.  In some situations, offshore planning offers no discernable benefit at all, and in other cases the costs are simply not justified by the potential benefits.  We only make an offshore planning recommendation if it provides a strategic benefit that cannot be achieved through a carefully constructed domestic plan.


Principle #5:
Practice the Zen of Asset Protection

Asset protection, in its full measure, is more than just a legal structure... It is a philosophy that can also help you achieve true peace of mind.  Like Zen, asset protection should become a way of life – a guiding principle – that governs your thoughts and actions. When considering a business or financial decision, asset protection should be part of your decision-making process, and you should strive to constantly strengthen your plan. There is a Zen to asset protection, and we want you to achieve it.  

To learn more about how we guide and support our clients to achieve peace of mind, we invite you to read "The Zen of Asset Protection," an article written by attorney Stephen Speiser...